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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dog leap stairs.(sign)

I have not been able to find out the history of these stairs but they lead down to the quayside from the castle keep. Click the link to SEE THE STAIRS.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i now i should be working, but, Dog leap Stair is an historic stone stair leading from Castle Garth to the Side. the name refers to 'a norrow slip of ground between houses'. In 1772 Baron Eldon eloped with Bessie Surtees. The couple made their escape up Dog Leap Stair on horse back. Hopw thats of som help.

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it like a salmon run for dogs now?

2:41 PM  
Blogger Lorethian said...

What a great name, and thanks for linking it to the stairs.

2:58 PM  
Blogger Grant F said...

cool name...and thanks to anonymous for the extra historical info.

sorry i keep stealing your thunder with the taxis chris! however, I'm sure we'd love to see some geordie cabs too!

10:00 PM  
Blogger luminlight said...

Haha... England is 'full' of quirky named places... ! =)

5:18 AM  
Anonymous eric said...

A photo of Dog Leap Stairs taken in 1880 appeared on the front cover of the Radio Times in the mid '70's but showed the stairs to be on the other side of the road, was the plate printed back to front?Can anyone help me find the whereabouts of the original?

2:36 PM  
Blogger psd said...

It's mentioned in the Dire Straits song, ‘Down to the. Waterline’ "Near misses on the dogleap stairways
French kisses in the darkened doorways"

7:31 AM  
Blogger karen ager said...

happy memories of my child hood

8:58 PM  

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